From Day to Night

In my excitement about the April issue of Burda Style Magazine I committed to my ‘to sew’ list two versions of the #115 blouse.  A day wear version to celebrate Spring (and a chance to road test the pattern) and an evening version.

Purple Burda 042014 Front (2)

I made plenty of alterations in an attempt to eradicate the boxy style but keep my favorite features – asymmetric overlapping front panels and a wide continuous hem. I removed another two inches from the back pattern piece, made some serious waist shaping front and back, narrowed the shoulders slightly, lowered the neckline a little, angled the bust darts a fraction and shortened the sleeves a lot. With the exception of the bust darts, these alterations were less about fit and more about achieving the silhouette I wanted for an evening look. And, just to demonstrate my attention to detail, I switched the diagonal of the outer most front piece to meet my lower shoulder… a trick of the eye to make my lopsided shoulders less obvious.

Purple Burda 042014 Front (355x534)

Knowing how the construction would pan out (I even trialled French seams for the Spring make), I had a clear path ahead which allowed me to focus on this tricky fabric. It’s the slippiest thing I’ve ever sewn. Given my recent love affair with lining everything with a vent, that  accolade is saying something. I was also quite paranoid about it all stretching out of shape: with two front necklines, two front diagonals and a curved hem, there was ample potential for wonkiness. I went to work with the Vilene edge tape after cutting out each piece.

Purple Burda 042014 Side

I am bowled over by the change from boxy to beautiful, now I have a blouse shape that works with my figure as well as ticking my style boxes. I know I nailed the vision I had in my head for this blouse too.

Purple Burda 042014

I just need to convince Mr CC to take me out for cocktails now that I have something suitable to wear to a trendy cocktail bar!


16 responses to “From Day to Night

  1. Wow – your attention to detail has really paid off!
    A beautiful top in a very flattering colour.
    Brownie points to you, and a lovely addition to your evening wear wardrobe.
    Mr CC definately needs to take you out for cocktails to showcase this beauty ; )

  2. Wow, I wasn’t a fan of the version in the magazine but your altered version is so chic and lovely!

  3. beautiful and flattering top! I admire your patience with making all the alterations and they were totally worth it!

  4. This looks fabulous! Well done on making such a gorgeous, flattering top.

  5. Looks great! Can’t wait to be able to adjust patterns to suit my shape so successfully, well done!

  6. I had a slight crush on the blouse as is in the magazine, but your version just blows me away. It is beautiful! Given that you made so many changes, you will know the pattern quite well: do you think it comes up true to size in the boxy version? Or would it be an idea so simply make it up a size smaller to arrive at a still boxy but not quite so boxy effect? I have fabric waiting for this, but could not get my head around how I wanted to change the fit… So it’s so great to see how well your version came out.

    • I’d say make your true size according to bust but don’t worry about waist or hips. I’m a textbook pear shape but cutting the pattern as is just on bust measurement would have worked fine. The bust seems true size all I altered in that area was to angle the darts upwards slightly. I don’t think a size smaller would reduce the boxy effect it’d just make it pull in the bust/shoulders/upper back area. The only way to reduce boxy is to add in curves (waist shaping).

      • Thanks for the feedback! I kinda like the boxy original but I also like your version, so while this marinates in the queue I’ve got a little more time to think about what fit to make 🙂

  7. Such a pretty feminine top, I like your version more

  8. Your second version is lovely, this one flows and is perfect for this pattern, I love it!

  9. I bypassed that pattern in the magazine, but your altered version makes me want to take a second look. It really suits you.

  10. What a lovely blouse! Very pretty and lady like, and it fits and suits you perfectly.

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