Lingering hand-sewing jobs

My sewing machine is still undergoing repair work… it’s too painful to discuss at the moment. I have already cut out my next make and completed some lingering hand-sewing repairs. Just one, I thought, might be interesting to share (I don’t want to bore you with the hand-sewn hem or replacement button guff).

Simplicity 4044 side

When I made these trousers, I brushed the zip against the back of my hand to check for comfort. Scratchy bits are fairly common on invisible zips. It was absolutely fine so I went ahead without adding a fabric cover. In future I’ll be covering during construction (great tutorial here) because somehow, probably in the wash, the smooth plastic has come off and when I wore the trousers to work last week I was plagued by a scratchy something from the zip.

It's difficult to photograph 'scratchy' !

It’s difficult to photograph ‘scratchy’ !

Taking remedial action I cut a square from the same fabric and pressed all four sides under. I hand stitched, just catching the seam allowance and zip tape not right through the trouser legs, to cover the naughty scratchyness.

IMG_0612 (640x480)



4 responses to “Lingering hand-sewing jobs

  1. Great idea. I’ve been doing quite a bit of hand-sewing on my daily commute to work on the train which in London has either been completely ignored by most but has been a lovely ice-breaker to some great conversations with fellow train travellors about hand-crafts and other fun things.
    How is your MMM going?

  2. What a good idea. I hate hate HATE scratchy bits in clothes!! Must try this next time.

  3. Great zip covering! I hate being without my sewing machine too. I plan to do a lot of cutting out, hand sewing or an overlocking project when mine is in for servicing. Do hope yours is mended soon. 😦

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