Me Made May Reflections

That’s Me Made May done and dusted for another year but remember my focus was to be reflective? I’ve had a thoughtful month of clothing… not so much actively choosing to wear Me Made’s in the morning but considering what I’d worn and how often I’d worn it as I was changing into my pyjamas. I jotted down some notes and a tally of each item so that I could reflect at the end of this month-long celebration of sewing your own.

Most Worn Items:

1. S4044 Trousers (7 wears)
2. Swallow Pyjamas (3 wears)
3. Mustard Cowl (2 wears)
4. Vintage dot blouse (2 wears)
5. Mustard Pavolva (2 wears)
6. Peacock Feather Mathilde (2 wears)
7. Hiro Liberty blouse (2 wears)
8. Fabric necklaces (2 wears each)

Ten other items were worn once each during the month including my Damson Gin dress which got an outing for dinner at The Ritz. I kept to my pledge without trying so I need to set something more challenging for myself next year!

Wardrobe areas highlighted by MMM’14 as needing some sewing attention:

1. Trousers – I’d rather wear dresses but trousers are a work essential and I’ve been existing on just two pairs of RTW jeans and one pair of Me Made trousers. I desperately need more variety to cover a 5 day working week in trousers.

Worn twice a week throughout May.

Worn five times throughout May.

2. Holiday – I didn’t go on holiday in May but we had a few hot, sunny days and I longed for a cotton summer dress. Also turning my attention to my (now booked!) holiday, I’ve started to consider what I’ll be packing in my suitcase.

Worn once a week for swimming in May... but what will I pack in my suitcase for holidays?

Worn once for swimming in May. Bikini for holidays?

3. No Skirts – I only wore a skirt on two days during May (navy cord S2451 and graffiti maxi). I’ve made S2451 three times (here, here and here) so at first I thought I needed a different skirt pattern. Then, on reflection, wearing just two skirts during May indicates that skirts aren’t a wardrobe staple for me. I should divert my sewing time to non-skirt items for a little while.

Me Made Skirts and Trousers

4. Gym – Despite working out for 4 hours per week, my Me Made exercise clothing is non-existent. I wore out my Sporty Sorbetto yonks ago and my other sewn workout top was a fail. Looking back, Kwik Sew 3672 needs a few adjustments but nothing drastic. Why did I give up on this pattern so easily? I’m also lusting after the new Pneuma Pattern from Papercut Patterns – the style really reminds me of LuluLemon and I’ve pinned that brand a lot to my Workout Wear Pinterest board recently.

Easily fixed by tweaking the strap lengths to fit.

Easily fixed by tweaking the strap lengths to fit.

5. Wardrobe Architect meets Me Made May

I so enjoyed the Wardrobe Architect project but found the results quite exposing so I only shared part of the process here. During May I had a thorough sort out of my wardrobe and drawers and I was astounded at the volume of clothing I didn’t wear and how much of my regularly worn items are looking shabby, tired and bobbly (beyond repair). I want to keep up the momentum though and in the same way I culled my clothing, I’m going to cull my sewing patterns of garments that don’t suit my style, everyday practicalities or favourite silhouettes.

With these 5 new guidelines, carefully constructed through the Me Made May reflective process, I’m hoping to sew better and more useful garments for the remainder of the year.

How did you find MMM’14… any revelations? New sewing tactics? Culled items? Or a revamped sewing wish list?


13 responses to “Me Made May Reflections

  1. Hi Emma-Jayne, unlike you I ended up wearing loads of skirts (mainly because I’ve made quite a bunch of them). Strangley I never really considered myself as a ‘skirt-wearer’ but it turns out I was wrong…
    I wear lots of trousers for work… actually let me re-phrase… I wear lots of things with POCKETS for work (skirts or trousers doesn’t really bother me) so what I need to do is adjust / add or look out for patterns with pockets.
    I also need to make trousers too.
    Overall, I really enjoyed doing Me-Made-May and has made me re-evaluate some of the things that I’ve made that I found excuses NOT to wear in 31 days… I can see a quilting / patchwork project on the horizon ; )

  2. Emma-Jayne, those trousers really do look great! You could simply make a couple more of them! I’m still in love with your crazy patterened IKEA skirt and I have paired my fabric (I have the same one) with a similar pattern. It’s made its way almost to the top of the queue, but I have tasked myself with doing a few alterations first.
    I am totally with you with regards to the exercise wear topic. I need to start getting into this as well, it’s ridiculous buying tops that never really fit perfectly anyway!

    • Yes, exercise wear… I’m convinced that the more we start to sew, the more readily available fabrics like supplex will be stocked in the mainstream fabric shops.

  3. Ditto Chris above. I spend a whole lot of time in the gym, so really do need to give knits a go. I’ve just ordered Tilly and the Buttons’ Coco Top, so I’m planning on starting there first…

  4. Congratulations! I have loved having a peek into your closet and I must say you have a great wardrobe! Thanks for sharing.

  5. Hello Emma-Jayne, it’s been a while since I checked back at your blog, and wow I’m super impressed by all your makes! I’m officially a follower!

    I am loving all the MMM round up posts, and the analyses they bring. Although I was too cowardly to take part this year, it’s been at the back of my mind and really made me critically analyse my own handmade wardrobe, and now I have 11 months to fill in some gaps before attempting to participate next year without excuses 🙂

    Anyhow I thought I’d pop by to say hi . Looking forward to seeing more great projects from you!

    • Hi Alice, thank you for your sweet comment and re-visiting my blog.

      I get bored of the daily and weekly posts but I’m fascinated by the end of May posts. Did people stick to their pledge? What have they learnt? Will it change their sewing plans?

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