Stash Diet 2014: Quarter 2 Weigh-In

This is the half-way point for Stash Diet 2014 and there was some reluctance to step on the scales in my house. I’d suffered a 4 week sewing machine breakdown and then I fell off the Stash Diet Wagon purchasing my first piece of fabric this year.

Half way through the year but am I halfway from 24.8kg to my goal Stash Weight of 12.4kg?

Stash-tistics at the end of Quarter 2:

Stash fabric height: 56cm (starting 90cm/ Q1 76cm) 
Stash fabric weight: 14.8kg 
(starting 23.5kg/ Q1 18.8kg)
Scrap fabric weight: 1.7kg 
(starting 1.3kg/ Q1 1.2kg)
Total stash weight: 16.5kg (starting 24.8kg/ Q1 20.0kg) —> Goal weight 12.4kg

Stash Pile June 2014

The blue marks on the wall indicate my stash heights at the start of January and April.

Buying fabric doesn’t break my self-imposed Stash Diet rules but it does make it harder for me to achieve my goal weight and I think that is evident from this weigh-in. While toiles (and I made a few of those during the second quarter) bring down the over all stash, they contribute significantly to the scrap fabric box… I need to tackle this problem zone. Any non-quilting ideas or shall I just offer the off-cuts to a quilter?


5 responses to “Stash Diet 2014: Quarter 2 Weigh-In

  1. Doesn’t seem you’re doing too bad. For the scraps I’d decide per scrap whether it is something that you’re likely to use at some point (pocket linings, zipper pouches, baby t-shirts etc.), if not, give it away. Or decide that a scrap needs to be a minimum size to be allowed to stay.

  2. You’ve done much better than I have. I keep falling off the wagon! While I’ve used a lot of my stash fabrics, I’ve also purchased a fair amount. And as you say, the scraps pile up. I like to save mine for bags, so that doesn’t get them out of my storage!

  3. Looks like you’re doing pretty well to me 🙂 What to do with scraps? Tricky isn’t it. I often use mine making little gifts – purses, fabric flowers or yo-yos. Perhaps try taking a look at some crafting blogs for ideas??

  4. I started a scrap fabric pinterest board to try and help me with the what to do with the scraps issue… its not finished but maybe you’ll see something that would help.

  5. You’re doing really well!

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