Stash Delve: Strapless Sunbathing Top

If there’s one thing that came out of the half-way weigh-in for Stash Diet 2014, it’s that my scraps box needs more attention. You can’t get much more attention that two stash delve posts on the trot!

Strapless Sunbathing Top

Attempting the sultry… but looking miserable!

Using the remaining blue jersey from my sporty top I cut out two rectangles with some waist shaping. I made a hem band out of self-fabric and a bust band out of leftover waistband (already cut and folded) from my graffiti maxi. A quick blast on the overlocker and I’d created a strapless sunbathing top.

Useful for holidays and stash busting but really I’m just putting off starting that bikini. The thought of wrestling with elastic is zapped any motivation I had. What are you putting off… and why?


4 responses to “Stash Delve: Strapless Sunbathing Top

  1. This looks lovely! So useful & sounds really simple to make. I’m putting off sewing anything non-knit for myself as my shape has changed a bit since having a baby & I’m scared of fit issues.

  2. Shall we do swimwear together? I have 2 bombshell swimsuits planned once I do my colette Moneta (which looks like a quick make and the overlocker is threaded in the right colour so it comes first!). Bit scared!

    • Yes, let’s make a pact to start this wknd! I’ve made a swimsuit once before but that was before I got an overlocker. I don’t know why I’m putting it off.

  3. Go for it, make that bikini! The sunbathing top, stunning as it looks on you, needs a rest every once in a while!

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