Lonsdale by the Sea

Well, well, well… after a fantastic holiday and most of August taking it at an easier pace than usual I’m back at the blogging helm. I made four garments in the run up to holidaying in St Lucia but I completely ran out of time to photograph them. No matter. The beautiful Caribbean island provided a nice change of scenery for some blog photographs.

Lonsdale Skirt Tessuti Twill 1

Hot on the heels of my first Lonsdale I couldn’t wait to get a Lonsdale skirt cut out and under my presser foot. The fabric is a lightweight twill from Tessuti Melbourne and is leftover from a Sureau I sewed way back in June 2013.

Lonsdale Skirt Tessuti Twill 2

I cut the skirt front on the fold as I like to avoid a centre front seam where possible. I’d have cut the back on the fold and moved the zip to the side seam if I’d had enough fabric. All other aspects and fit were exactly the same as my red dress Lonsdale which got some cocktail drinking outings during holiday too.

Lonsdale Skirt Tessuti Twill 3

What with four items to photograph on holiday plus a whole host of other Me Made’s in my suitcase, it dawned on me just how much of my things are hand made these days. I’m also pleased to report that my abstract floral Burda shorts made it up to the top of Gros Piton, my Movies in the Park shorts endured zip-lining and my Halogen bikini survived water skiing! Well you didn’t think I idly dipped my toes into the sea on the white sandy beach all holiday, did you?


3 responses to “Lonsdale by the Sea

  1. What a beautiful location for your garment posts! Lovely Lonsdale skirt too ; )

  2. oooohhhh pretty pictures!!

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