Grown Up Pineapples

Do you ever have the same song on a loop in your head? Do you keep singing the same line of a song out loud? My husband had that just before we went on holiday. Sporadically bursting into “Do you like pinacolada?” at any given moment. Why? Because we’d had a discussion on how some pineapple fabric can look a little childish but this medium-weight viscose was a rather grown-up pineapple print. Which made for a rather grown-up McCalls 6751… view D this time.

McCalls 6751 View D Front

I used French seams and added Hug Snug binding to the armholes and neckline. Other than making my own viscose bias binding, I’ve never used viscose (rayon) seam binding before so I was excited it receive it in the Spring Sewing Swap parcel from Joanne. For seam binding newbies, I highly recommend this tutorial which sets out your options for using it clearly and concisely. The seam binding matches the colour in the pineapples so well and is a nice contrast to the main fabric – thanks Joanne! I totally want to use Hug Snug again so if anyone reading knows where I can get hold of some in the UK, do let me know.

McCalls 6751 View D Side

There were no shortages of pineapples or coconuts on St Lucia, so it made sense to have an appropriate prop for the photographs… not to mention something to quench my thirst after all that sunbathing and posing for blog photos.

McCalls 6751 View D Back


4 responses to “Grown Up Pineapples

  1. Great fabric, fantastic look.

  2. Great top! That song is now stuck in my head. thank you very much. 🙂

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