8 Month Knit Project

8 months to the day and it’s sleeveless!

Rainy Day Vest 2

One of my New Year’s resolutions was to stop knitting accessories (mainly cowls) and finally make something more substantial. I do most of my knitting while traveling (trains and planes, not my daily commute) so it was always going to be a long haul project. I just didn’t realise quite how long and I had grown frustrated by slow progress within a few months. By the time I divided for the armholes I had renewed enthusiasm and could see the end in sight.

Rainy Day Vest 6

Oh and what an end it was. Exactly 8 months since I started the project, I stayed up late, YouTube ‘three needle bind off’ and ‘bind off in seed stitch’ waking poor hubby up. I managed to figure out a three needle bind off in seed stitch but it was more through a lucky first attempt. It was the slowest, heart stopping bind off ever as I awkwardly held the needles, clumsily tried not to drop any stitches and worked the yarn in time to hubby’s snoring.

Here's the inside shoulder seam - three needle bind off in seed stitch.

Here’s the inside shoulder seam – three needle bind off in seed stitch.

And the same shoulder seam on the right side.

And the same shoulder seam on the right side.

So you’d like some details now, right? Okay.

Rainy Day Vest 8

The pattern is Rainy Day Vest from Emma Robertson’s Knitting by Design. I really like the book with it’s more modern patterns and thoughtful approach to choosing yarn. I’m going to forgo the leather pocket… I don’t like the feel of leather and never intended to attach it. I knitted the smallest size, for a 34 inch bust, exactly as set. I know nothing about altering the size of knitwear through tweaking the pattern but I knew the open style would lend itself to being slightly too big.

Rainy Day Vest 5

The yarn is Malabrigo worsted in Tortuga. It’s a charcoal, smokey black and plum merino – gorgeous. I’ve knitted with the same yarn in different colourways before and knew the feel of it well. I was glad I added an extra skein to my basket because I used about 8 meters from the last skein and the armholes would have been too small to join the shoulder seams any earlier.

Rainy Day Vest 9

I’m really pleased to have got this make off the needles and onto my shoulders. I learnt some new knitting techniques and got a totally wearable item out of the process. Although I’m not too keen on the outfit I chose to photograph for this blog post, I’m sure after a few wears I’ll have found better ways to style it.

Rainy Day Vest 7

What’s on your needles?


6 responses to “8 Month Knit Project

  1. A scarf that I started six months ago and a cardigan that I started -ahem- two years ago! Well done for finally getting this onto your back! I picked up my scarf project again last week and WILL finish it in time for the colder weather…

  2. Congratulations on your first big project. It looks great! All that moss stitch must have driven you mad! Just looked at that book. Nice to see something so contemporary. I see that she has styled your vest with a floaty white shirt. I think that’s probably the way to go with it.

  3. Currently working on my *second* Aidez, right after finishing my first (which took 9 months, thanks to some super long breaks). Congrats on your first big project!

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