Stash Diet 2014: Quarter 3: Weigh In

Just one quarter remains for Stash Diet 2014 which means it’s time to track my progress with a weigh-in. Much like a real diet when you realise your clothes feel more comfortable (or even loose), I managed to pick up and weigh my stash as one pile this time!

Stash-tistics at the end of Quarter 3:

Stash fabric height: 45cm (starting 90cm/ Q1 76cm/ Q2 56cm) 
Stash fabric weight: 12.4kg 
(starting 23.5kg/ Q1 18.8kg/ Q2 14.8kg)
Scrap fabric weight: 0.7kg 
(starting 1.3kg/ Q1 1.2kg/ Q2 1.7kg)
Total stash weight: 13.1kg (starting 24.8kg/ Q1 20.0kg/ Q2 16.5kg) —> Goal weight 12.4kg

September Stash Diet

The tape on the wall indicate my starting, quarter 1 and quarter 2 stash heights.

Last quarter I was getting desperate over the bulging scrap fabrics box. I don’t enjoy small crafting projects and I’m constantly fighting the clutter to keep my home minimalistic. It turns out someone was willing to pay a few pounds to buy a kilogram of scrap fabric on ebay for their crafting needs and that suited me. This listing was an experiment but it seems a viable option for keeping scraps under control in the future. I’ve also started to use scraps fabric for pockets, binding and facings in some makes. I used to stick with self-fabric facings for fear colours/patterns would look silly together but I’m slowly coming round to the idea that I can cautiously make good pairings.

What else? Well there have been fabric purchases here and there this quarter. I crumbled under the excitement of sewing bikinis and splurged on printed-to-order lycra, although I have sportswear plans for the off-cut giving that purchase some milage. Then I created potentially my favourite make ever, made possible only by purchasing a viscose-cotton blend which wasn’t available in my stash. Finally I wangled a birthday present fabric to elevate my sportswear sewing. But enough of me justifying fabric purchases. I need to stay focused for the final quarter as I have just 0.7kg to go to achieve my goal stash weight. Although I’ve always striven to exceed expectations so I won’t stop at just meeting a goal, I’m motivated to smash it.


7 responses to “Stash Diet 2014: Quarter 3: Weigh In

  1. Wow – great result! You are doing brilliantly with your stash reduction! There’s a clothes recycling bin at my daughter’s school that they make some money from. I keep meaning to ask if you can put fabric scraps in it to get rid of mine!

  2. Go, Emma Jayne! You’re an inspiration!
    I’m not officially on the diet, but I joined the Quirky Peach’s Summer Stashbust and am trying to keep it up for another while. I’ve been doing pretty well on the not-buying front, but not so well on the using-up-the-stash front. Sigh. Perhaps doing weigh-ins would motivate me too? I’ll have to think about it.

  3. Well done, I wish I was making such good progress!

  4. You must have read my mind on this post. I feel like I’m waging a constant battle with clutter too. I’m forcing myself to use stuff up before I’m allowed to purchase any more. I was thinking my school home economics department might be a good place to offload smaller scraps, but I’m yet to investigate…

  5. You’re amazing! Although I don’t personally go for diets of any kind I follow yours with bated breath! Your self-discipline is astonishing!

  6. God I need to do this stash busting thing. I’ve got two huge boxes full. I plan on using up a lot of it on christmas gifts, or I might make some present bows with the tiny scrappy bits

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