Featherweight Pneuma

The Pneuma tank pattern and some sportswear lycra were a birthday present. That’s not to say I hadn’t done my homework in scoping out some better sportswear fabric than I’d used before (here, here and here). I contacted Winnie (who I think you’ll agree knows her stuff when it comes to sewing sportswear) specifically asking if she knew of a suitable top and bottom weight sportswear fabric and she helpfully guided me to UK Fabrics’ nylon lycra. Winnie, thank you, I am so pleased with the navy gorgeousness that arrived after placing my order.

pneuma papercut 1

Having cut into a lot of lycra over the summer for bikini‘s this one was fairly well behaved with just a little curling and no slippage when sewing together. I put some wooly nylon into the loopers of my overlocker to give the extra stretch in the seams that sportswear necessitates.

pneuma papercut 2

The tank part of my Pneuma is a regular cotton jersey, as it’s loose fitting a technical fabric is not completely necessary. Although I don’t normally choose pink, the feathers and navy sucked me into this fabric it’s just a shame it languished for so long in my stash (I have lots leftover though). The Pneuma tank reminds me of the LuLu Lemon sports tops that I incessantly add to my Pinterest Workout Look Great Board, but at a fraction of the cost. Especially the woven crossover straps at the back. I decided that straps as narrow as recommended for this pattern would flip over, twist or dig in too much. I immediately opted for something wider, choosing navy plush one side, satin the other bra strapping from Sewing Chest.

pneuma papercut  3

So you know how I never post a sportswear make without testing it out first? This one scored high for style, compliments and functionality. During two hours of dancing, the wider straps didn’t flip over or move around. The sports bra also exceeded my expectations. I sewed up a straight XXS with no alterations. I expected that they’d be some tweaks to the fit required and that perhaps the level of compression would be suitable for low impact only. Wrong! The fit in the sports bra area seems perfect because I had no riding up, slipping or pinching. Also the compression is about right for dancing (medium to high impact for the type of dancing I do) and I have an idea to increase it for higher impact workouts. And by higher impact, I just mean regular bouncing like running on the spot or jumping jacks. Dancing doesn’t usually induce this unless I’m moshing!

pneuma papercut 4

9 responses to “Featherweight Pneuma

  1. This is really great top! It just makes you dancing 🙂

  2. Very professional! Really suits you too.

  3. Looks great! And with you on the straps, gives it a really polished finish 🙂

  4. Wow, this is so lovely! I’m glad the inner sports bra worked for you – I really like the look of the thicker straps too!

  5. What a lovely dance / gym outfit. Such a gorgeous print and a professional finish. Well done!

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