Sewing the Familiar Pavlova

A meter of purple cotton jersey, which missed the inspiration branches when it fell out of the fabric tree and into my stash last year, suddenly uttered the word ‘Pavlova‘ to me.

Purple Cake Pavlova Wrap Top d

A familiar pattern sewn once before would be the perfect relief from my last few makes which involved complicated pattern hacks and new-to-me patterns. Not to mention a perfect opportunity to drag myself out of a sewing funk (the constraints of my stash diet as I near the end of the year-long challenge has zapped my sew-jo).

Purple Cake Pavlova Wrap Top b

Last year I asked the lovely lady behind Red Point Tailor how she adjusted the pattern to make her long sleeved versions and she generously obliged with not just a reply but a post on how to. This was my only change to the pattern and really easy to do.

Purple Cake Pavlova Wrap Top c


10 responses to “Sewing the Familiar Pavlova

  1. Lofelt colour and fit – the perfect antidote to a sewing funk

  2. What a lovely, bright colour! This looks lovely on you 🙂 it looks similar to the Papercut Coppelia which I’ve had my eye on for a while…

  3. Love the hair and your new pavlova looks lovely too!

  4. Amazing what you can do with that length of fabric!

  5. What a wonderful relust! I love this blue colour combined with grey trousers. You look so wonderful! 🙂 I am glad I could be of a little help 😉

  6. Love your hair! Did you make those pants too? They look like Simplcity 4044

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