Interchangable Needles – any recommendations?

As lowly cowl knitter my cheap as chips set of 80cm circular needles (literally a portion of chips costs the same price) served me well. However, supersizing my knitting has proven that you get what you pay for.

Broken Circular Needles

For both my first and second non-cowl projects, my cheapo tools have suffered a tear to the plastic tubing right where it attaches to the needles. Botched repairs involved sellotape and electrical tape. Handily for the Rainy Day Vest it happened just after I divided for the armhole so I was able to switch to straight needles. My current project is knit completely in the round and I’m only half way through the body. I also twist the right needle as I knit and hold it so the cable is taught diagonally away from the join. No coincidence then that both times it has been the right needle that gets the tear.

New Metal Fixed Needles

I know that switching needles (even of the same size) mid-project is a huge risk to the gauge… but seriously what was I supposed to do?! I checked the ‘real’ size of the broken circular needles and purchased new fixed circular pair (mid-price range this time). I’m getting on well with the metal (yeah I risked a bamboo to metal swap too – knitting dangerously!), I like the weight and despite swapping needles my gauge hasn’t changed. Can you even tell where I swapped in the photo above?

Looking to the future, a set of interchangeable needles seems like a good Christmas present and I’ve been told to do my research before writing to Santa. But there is so much choice out there I’m overwhelmed. Any recommendations?


16 responses to “Interchangable Needles – any recommendations?

  1. I like knit pro. I’m also amassing quite a selection of Addi needles (non interchangeable) which I like a lot. I prefer the metal ones, but knit pro do metal, wood and plastic tips

    • I’m enjoying the fixed metal ones I’m currently using. Also I fly to Australia every other year and they don’t allow bamboo into the country so my knitting has to stay at home for those trips. Metal would fix that. Do you use the regular round knit pros or cubics?

  2. I love the Knit Pro wooden interchangables. I rarely use anything else, even when circular needles are not strictly necessary.

  3. I love my knit pro’s too!! I have wooden ones and they are a delight to knit with. There are still occasions where I would use metal needles as I find some yarns knit more evenly on them. But the knit pro’s would be a great investment 🙂 xx

  4. my SIL owns a knitting shop and raves about knit pros (But they are pricy!). i have used addi for sock knitting (so a tiny size) and they are good too. i have used john lewis bamboo tips and interchangeable cords and they are way better than the cheapies which catch at the join between needle and cord.

  5. I think Knit Pros are great, as long as you remember to tighten the joint with the little tool then they rarely come undone and the cables don’t kink. Definitely worth investing in the kit I think

    • Great tip. I had been looking at HiyaHiya’s interchangables, the cable rotates freely so no twisting no matter how much you wind the attached needles but I’ve gotten unanimous comments on Knit Pro’s today!

  6. Knitpro. I would love some wooden ones but get along fine with my knitpro plastic interchangeables too.

  7. I use metal needles, pretty exclusively. I have a set of Addi Clicks for my larger gauge projects, and a set of Dyakcraft Heavy Metal needles for my fine gauge projects. I like the Addis, HOWEVER, if I buy another set of interchangeable needles, I’m going for the Knitter’s Pride Karbonz.

    • Yes, I think I’m converting to metal. Much nice feel and less resistance but it was good to learn on bamboo and I’ll keep my bamboo DPNs for smaller fiddly projects.

  8. It would seem that knitpro is the way ahead, and of course the toolkit! I hope Santa is paying attention to all the comments below and heeds everyone’s advice!

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