An everyday dress for winter

When a 2.5m length of teal drapey wool-mix reached the top of my stash pile, I toyed with two of possible patterns. A smart New Look 6000 – sleeveless with collar for layering? Or a daywear April Rhodes Staple Dress?

Teal Wool Staple Dress

The decision was made by the lack of casual, day wear dresses in my wardrobe suitable for winter (with some influence that sewing time is limited at the moment so a quick make would be more satisfying).

Teal Staple Dress

When I constructed the pockets I cut into the dress back seam allowances and finished the pocket and front side seam allowances together. This has made such a difference to keeping the pockets to the front compared to my previous Staple Dress make. Of course, a wool-blend fabric isn’t going to hang well with French seams, no matter how drapey it is, so I went old skool with a zig zag stitch – I was loving that my thread was such a great match, I didn’t want to switch to my overlocker with limited thread colour options.

Teal Wool Staple Dress Bias

In the spirit of stash dieting, I used bias binding as a facing at the neckline and armholes. I kinda like the flash of spotty binding there… a bit of a departure from my usual sensible/boring pairings.


2 responses to “An everyday dress for winter

  1. I am having similar sewing thoughts at the moment about slightly more casual day dresses. I love the colour of the wool fabric that you have used. Also, that is a beautiful clock. Is it a new acquisition? x

  2. What a fab day dress! I have to force myself to make more casual wear, but they always get worn more in the end than the fancy stuff 🙂

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