Feeling the chill

During the hottest Halloween on record in the UK, I was browsing the fabric stores of Brighton for the perfect shade of camel coating. Finally finding the right shade in a shop that was crammed full of fabrics from floor to ceiling. Unfortunately I can’t remember the name of the shop.

Prima Patterns Feb 2014 Camel Coat a

Back home, the weather took a turn for winter so I pulled out the patiently waiting pattern to get started. The pattern is Prima Magazine pattern from February 2014. Claire posts the Prima Patterns monthly on her blog Sew Incidentally so you don’t have to flick through the magazine in a newsagents. Thanks Claire! This coat pattern is very basic, no lining, no facings and not much in the way of fitting. All I added to the pattern was a little bit of waist shaping. The pattern comes in sizes 10-20. Size 10 was running a bit big compared to my measurements but I went for it anyway so that I could wear over thick jumpers.

Prima Patterns Feb 2014 Camel Coat b

The bound edges… I hate contrast/customization choices and rarely am I satisfied with my pairings. The options here were leather, braid or bias binding. Braid was ruled out because I prefer clean lines. Faux leather was ruled out because I couldn’t be bothered with the potential stress of it sticking to the presser foot and being a pain to sew. Bias binding would work perfectly well… only which colour to choose? Black, chocolate or navy? I almost talked myself out of making a coat at all all these design decisions!

Prima Patterns Feb 2014 Camel Coat c

Navy won in the end but I honestly think it wouldn’t have mattered if I’d chosen one of the other two options I considered. The insides are fairly similar to the outside – camel with navy bound edges. But just in case I don’t want to flash the insides while strutting down the high street, I made a matching belt.

Prima Patterns Feb 2014 Camel Coat d

I used just under 15m of binding for the coat and belt so my investment in a bias binding foot has already been well worth it.

Prima Patterns Feb 2014 Camel Coat e


4 responses to “Feeling the chill

  1. This is so smart! I love the contrast binding.

  2. Looks great on you, and very smart ‘innards’ too. Bias binding works perfectly 🙂

  3. Yeesh that’s so classy. Love the blue trimming.

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