During a thorough sort out of the entire contents of my house over the summer, this cowl struck me as having definite up-cycle potential. Originally shop bought, the yarn is squishy and soft with no hint of itchiness. Other than the cowl proportions being completely wrong, there was nothing wrong with the raw ingredients.


Ripped back and balled up it was almost the size of a football (and a bit!) so I had plenty to play with. I remembered seeing the Cozy Collar in Emma Robertson’s Knitting By Design book – perfect for my recent coat sewing project which lacks a proper collar.

All wound up

I knitted it in three sessions of about an hour each so it’s a fairly rapid project (and a nice break from my other needles). The photographs in the book (and on Ravelry) use a black yarn so it’s really hard to see any stitch definition but comes a close likeness to a faux fur shrug. In a lighter yarn, the stitches are clearly defined but that brings a more everyday feel.Cozy Collar Knitting by Design


One response to “Re-worked

  1. Great job, colours match perfectly šŸ™‚ The house cleanse is therapeutic isn’t it, shame that once I’ve finished one there seems more to do: I’m blaming the children and my hoarding tendencies…

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