Ginger Jeans – it wasn’t you it was me

Heather Lou picked a whole range of pattern testers for her pattern, the Ginger Jeans. I’m not too sure where I fell within that range though. In her survey I remember saying I had never pattern tested before but I also said that I’d made a few pairs of trousers and felt confident adjusting crotch curves (Examples 1, 2, 3 and 4). Anyway mine is not to reason why but to test, feedback and enjoy my new skinny jeans.

Ginger Jeans Side

I chose to make the lower-rise option and skinny up the legs to fit me like I’d been poured into them (that’s just how I like to wear ’em). After sewing up a shorts length version (that I sent Heather Lou photos of in the strictest of confidence because shorts skinnies look ridiculous!), I had to make a mini-wedgie adjustment and a large sway back adjustment. These are my usual alterations for trousers so nothing out of the ordinary and nothing challenging.

Ginger jeans Back

Although, these are nothing like other trousers I’ve made before. They involved lots of prep (pockets and pockets galore), top stitching and then I got to hammer the hardware!

Ginger Jeans Fly

I took full advantage of having side pockets and a waistband facing to pair my dark indigo denim (from seller brunswickmill2013 via ebay) with the last bit of lightweight twill after making a Sureau ages ago! It’s not a bad pairing but I still lack confidence in twinning fabrics in terms of colour and pattern. On the other hand, I was very decisive over the colour of my top stitching thread after running up samples of three possible options (all from my recently acquired Great Aunt’s collection). Blue, it had to be blue. I checked out my RTW skinnies to get a feel for my favourite style and I tend to go for less is more on the top stitching front so I showed restraint using contrasting thread just on the pockets and sticking to dark blue on the side seams and back yolk.

Ginger Jeans Front Pocket

Despite all this, it’s taken me a long time to post. Looking at the fit of the photographs, I wasn’t totally thrilled about the fit. But the more blog posts of skinny jeans (not just Ginger Jeans) I saw, the more I realised that everyone has the same lines. Is it a compromise of having something so tight fitting in such a stiff unforgiving fabric (even with stretch)? So Ginger Jeans, I’m sorry it wasn’t you, it was me.

Ginger Jeans Front

So… skinny jeans. The ultimate ready-to-wear item made it into the sewing room as an approachable pattern whether you’re brand new to sewing or you’ve been avoiding crotch curves for years.

Ginger Jeans Back Pocket


3 responses to “Ginger Jeans – it wasn’t you it was me

  1. Nice! I agree with you on the stitching – I’m in the “less is more” camp too. I’m hoping to make these up soonish – I’ve got everything I need except the time!

  2. Looks like you did a great job on the finish on these, shame the overall fit didn’t work out for you.

  3. I think they look really good, I love your pocket detail. I’ve made my muslin but am currently procrastinating over cutting into my limited addition Ginger Kit fabric. I really really really want them to turn out but i fear that jean making may be best left to the experts. Wish me luck!

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