Stash Diet 2014: Final Weigh In

Everyone else is posting their sewing hits, misses and resolutions but for me, the new year marks the end of Stash Diet 2014. The final weigh-in has been verified and the results are… I can’t keep you in suspense any longer…

I smashed my goal fabric weight of 12.4kg, ending the Stash Diet 2014 year on just 8.9kg.

Stash fabric height: 28cm (starting 90cm) 
Stash fabric weight: 7.7kg 
(starting 23.5kg)
Scrap fabric weight: 1.2kg 
(starting 1.3kg)
Total stash weight: 8.9kg (starting 24.8kg) —> Goal weight 12.4kg

My shrinking stash over the last 12 months…

Stash Diet 2014

It now fits neatly into my sewing room cupboard.

IMG_1683 (480x640)

And the fluctuating volume of fabric scraps are much more manageable too.

IMG_1684 (640x480)

What did I learn?

  • Acquiring someone else’s lifetime stash doesn’t bring the same excitement as selecting each piece of fabric myself.
  • Purchasing fabric does not buy me the time to sew it.
  • Swapping with other sewers is exciting.
  • Pushing myself to use up scraps can lead to little moments of creativity that nicely finish a hand-made garment or provide a bit of fun.
  • Scraps can be recycled or sold but small item crafting and quilting isn’t for me.

Most surprising of all, I don’t want a rebound fabric shopping binge. I’ve unintentionally saved some really nice pieces of fabric till last so I’m looking forward to getting those cut and under the presser foot in the new year before even thinking about shopping for new makes.

And finally…

A huge thanks to Andrea and Gail for being such lovely Stash Diet 2014 hosts.

Happy New Year!


18 responses to “Stash Diet 2014: Final Weigh In

  1. That’s fab, well done! I can’t believe that you only have a small pile of fabric left. Happy New Year!

  2. Well done on achieving your stash diet goal and all the best for your 2015 sewing adventures.

  3. Nice! You did way better than I did, I actually ended up with quite a few yards more than what I started with. Hopefully it’ll go better this year!

  4. Awesome result. Well done!

  5. I am so happy for you that you stuck with it and did such a great job! Truly impressive! Happy New Year!

  6. wow those stash photos must be so satisfying to look at! I’ve loved seeing your makes this year, even though I’ve not been commenting on blogs so much. Congratulations on smashing your goals!

  7. You’re a stash diet success story! Really, really inspiring! I focused on keeping mine contained within a certain space and it slowly declined in volume throughout the year. Like you, I don’t feel the urge to fill it back up – it’s nice to shop for one or two projects at a time.

  8. You did so well!!! Good for you for sticking with this challenge and thanks so much for coming to the rescue when Gail and I had to step down. I’m glad to hear you are not itching for a fabric shopping binge and that this was an exercise in learning for you. Well done!

  9. “Purchasing fabric does not buy me the time to sew it.” I need to have this tattooed on my shopping hand! I am going to be trying to reduce my stash this year, and I’ll be using this as my new fabric shopping mantra.

    Big congratulations for doing so well on your stash diet, You’ve done brilliantly,

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