The same but better leggings

Remember the brightly patterned leggings with far too much pink, that were fine at first but the fabric lacked the stamina? Well, I’ve made more leggings but this time they are better.

Burgundy Leggings Front

I made no changes to the pattern but this time used a  fabric with good stretch, slightly thicker and importantly great recovery.

Burgundy Leggings Side

The stash diet seems to have permanently changed my habits. This fabric was left over from my Renfrew and no sooner had it returned to the fabric pile than it was back out of the cupboard and cut out for these leggings.

Burgundy Leggings Back

I know it doesn’t make for varied blog posts sewing twice on the trot with the same fabric but much better on my bank balance and newly slender stash.


3 responses to “The same but better leggings

  1. They are great, and look like a really good fit. 🙂

  2. Oh, well done! Fingers crossed my recent stash diet will have the same effect on me. I’m certainly much more aware of whát I actually have now…

  3. They look great! I love the colour. Glad they have better stretch recovery, too.

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