The Adoration of Balloon Sleeves

Blog posts have been scant this year but that’s not because I haven’t been busy behind the Clipped Curves scenes creating wearable items and craftermath. More recently I have prioritised knitting above sewing, a rarity for me and induced purely from a strong desire to complete this project before the weather turns a corner.

Balloon Sweater Emma Robertson b

This is my third project from Emma Robertson’s book “Knitting by Design” but it has won first place in my heart (second and third place). Yeah, so it’s a little impractical (pouring drinks at the table with a roast dinner plate in front of me I worried I’d dunk a sleeve in gravy) and there’s no way I can get a coat on over it but… but all is forgiven because of those gorgeous balloon sleeves and the silhouette they create.

Balloon Sweater Emma Robertson c

The yarn, too, is worthy of some affection. Unfortunately discontinued, Amy Butler Sweet Harmony (Rowan) is a very good match for my ‘visually’ favourite ever seed stitch. It gives what those with much more knitting knowledge than me refer to as ‘stitch definition’ and if I’m going to drive myself insane (yarn forward, yarn back) I want to be able to see seed stitch from 40 yards. The colour pallet of Sweet Harmony is limited (even more so since it’s discontinued) but I chose ‘Frost’ and purchased from MCA Direct.

Balloon Sweater Emma Robertson a

I’d like to be able to say that there’s more information on my make on Ravelry but there really isn’t. I knit the smallest size and shortened the sleeves by 2 inches. I curled by on the sofa wearing my new favourite jumper on Sunday evening and cast on a new project… there’s no seed stitch yet!


9 responses to “The Adoration of Balloon Sleeves

  1. This looks SO luxurious! Wonderful!

  2. this looks brilliant. Yes, those sleeves may be impractical but they look amazing & I bet they make it extra cosy too.

  3. Never heard of this book before but I will be checking it out after seeing this awesome jumper!

  4. What a beautiful, statement piece sweater! Bravo!

  5. Possibly the most glamorous sweater of the year!!!!

  6. Very glamorous indeed. Those sleeves are fab and gorgeous colour. Worth the effort 🙂

  7. Wow! So unusual, and the style really suits you. 😀

  8. Love it! I love the sleeves in particular they are so unusual!

  9. Whoa! This is so dramatic and cool!!!!!

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