Sewing for Mum

Happy Mothers’ Day to all celebrating today.

IMG_1828 (480x640)

Although this make is not for Mother’s Day, it seems right to publish a Mum-themed blog post today. Mum ordered the pattern after seeing it in Prima Magasine (July 2013 issue). The toile and fabric were a Christmas present with a promise to make any necessary alterations and sew it up on the fabric.

IMG_1829 (480x640)

The toile sizing was a good guess, if I’d had measurements I’d have sewn that size for the toile anyway. When she tried it on, the sleeves were right off my Mum’s shoulders so I measured the excess fabric and made a note to narrow the shoulder. The other alteration, and I knew it’d have to be done, was a full bust adjustment. Mum and I are completely different shapes – I’m a pear, she’s an inverted triangle. Hence it doesn’t look so great on my dress form. Still, it was interesting to make pattern alterations that I don’t normally need just to learn new things.

IMG_0340 (640x427)

Here is the front bodice piece after narrowing the shoulder. I remembered to lengthen the sleeves as Mum specifically mentioned that she liked where they finished on her arm and removing fabric from the shoulder would have raised this up.

IMG_0341 (594x640)

The full bust adjustment was interesting. I realised after following the slash and widen/lower technique that all I really needed to do was widen the under bust gathering area like you would widen a dart. See, I knew I’d learn something new about pattern piece manipulation in the process.

IMG_1831 (426x640)

The ties caused me to waste two hours trying to turn them. I searched and tried to make rouleux straps using all the techniques I read about online but couldn’t get them turned right side out. Not even using the turning tool that I inherited last year. In the end I double folded and stitched on the right side.

IMG_1832 (640x480)

What I really enjoyed was sewing with cotton. It sews without puckering,  presses how it’s told to, barely fays and has distinct right and wrong sides. It is dependable… just like Mum.


3 responses to “Sewing for Mum

  1. Lovely! I bet your Mum was delighted 🙂

    • Unfortunately, because we live in different countries, she’ll have to wait till Easter for this. But she has the toile (she wasn’t as picky about the fit as I was!) and liked the fabric when she unwrapped it at Christmas so I think it’ll be a winner.

  2. I hear you about cotton. Used some tricky fabrics lately and then did a cotton shirt. Heaven! Sweet dress for mom.

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