Meeting the Local Knitterati

Earlier this week I took the opportunity, while I had a day off from work, to meet some knitters at my local library. The group meet fortnightly in the library meeting room and work on any project of their choosing but often on items for charity.

Largely my knitting and sewing are solitary endeavors and I treasure this me time but the social aspect and the opportunity to create with others is something I am recently interested in. I had no expectations and no preconceptions, just an open mind and a willingness to share a common interest.

yarn and needles next project

I was made to feel very welcome, enjoyed a natter and the time to knit socially. The topics of conversation were as varied as the range of knitting abilities so there really was something for everyone. One of the ladies was a knitting pro… in the 2 hour session she had almost made a dolls dress from scratch without a pattern, changing colour between three balls of yarn and barely looking down at her work. Even more noteworthy, she donates the dressed dolls to charity and often makes new born baby knitwear gift bags that she gives to be sold for charity too.

Other topics of conversation had me in stitches (pun intended) – the ladies were hilarious and we had so many giggles. They, informally, call themselves the Knackered Knitters but I made a point to remember all of their names (for their privacy I have kept them and the group anonymous here) and they were interested to get to know me too.

shawl progress

I also got some help with a mystery instruction coming up in the pattern I am currently working on. Although a member of the group herself, she was more than happy to help anyone who was stuck, needed yarn advice or some stitches fixed. She enjoys whipping out the needles and fixing live stitches much to the horror of the owner of the work and always offers to knit the next row to check there are no twisted stitches.

Three things that I have reflected on and want to act on following attending the knitting group:

1. I’d like to go back to this weekday knitting group when I have time off work but also I should find an evening group that I can attend regularly.

2. Knitting for charity could be really rewarding so I will be looking a good cause and see what I can do to contribute knit-wise.

3. I want to learn how to fix mistakes on live stitches. Live stitches sound reckless but seem to be much quicker than knitting backwards once you know what you are doing.

Have you tried something new recently? Gone social with your craft? Or had some ideas for new directions you want to take?


4 responses to “Meeting the Local Knitterati

  1. I took up sewing again recently after a long gap so it was great to attend a one-day workshop recently and meet other dressmakers, get advice and just enjoy a bit of chat. I’m hoping to learn more from the online community. It’s great for learning about techniques, patterns and suppliers.

  2. Hi! I like the idea of craft social groups, especially for sewing. Sadly there doesn’t seem to be an awful lot of that going on too near to where I live. I guess knitting social groups are more practical in terms of actually bringing your work along!

    I am thinking of doing some sewing for charity later this year, which I am quite excited about.

    Happy Easter!

  3. Sadly, it seems that most social knitting groups are in the daytime, and not always accessible for us younger knitters.

  4. When I win the lottery😉 it is my plan to join a group like this every day of the week. I would have to keep my win to myself of course or buy everyone’s yarn or fabric! Sounds like a lovely set of ladies.

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