Mimosa Musings

Initially, I was offended by the pattern company naming themselves “Skinny Bitch Curvy Chick“. As a fairly open minded person, I try not to take myself too seriously but you are not winning me over as a customer with that kind of insult. Are all slim women bitches? Why not “Skinny Babe” or “Skinny Beauty”? You know, something with positive connotations like the Curvy Chicks get.

Despite the offensive brand name, Betsy’s heart is in the right place. Her driving force for SBCC is a pattern company catering for petite dressmakers (more on what it is to be petite according to SBCC here).

Willing to cast a bad first impression aside I bought and downloaded the Mimosa top as a PDF and set to work sticking the pages together. All went smoothly and I managed to squeeze everything out of a a meter of cotton lawn from my stash with some careful folding (it helped that I had bias binding already cut from this fabric).

SBCC Mimosa b

As far as sizing goes, on the Skinny Bitches Sizing Chart *eye rolls* (insult to injury, no?) I’m a Small bust and Medium hips so I went with those sizes for my first sew. I needn’t have bothered grading out for my hips and for my next make, I may also grade in at the waist to X-Small too.

SBCC Mimosa a

Sewing was easy but I wasn’t keen on the order of construction – front facing to front bodice, half a sleeve inserted, bias bound back neckline and shoulders, rest of sleeve. I’d rather have everything assembled (preferably with the sleeves inserted in one go so I can finish the edges properly) and then enclose all raw edges and seam allowances neatly at the neckline.

Mimosa front nackline facing

I realise that my preferred order of construction isn’t possible with the back neckline and shoulders being bias bound and the front neckline having a facing (although if you check out the sample Mimosa on SBCC it looks like it has a back neckline facing) so for my next make I’ll have to draft this facing myself. I guess I shouldn’t complain, the pattern is reasonably priced at £6.72.

Mimosa bias bound back neckline

I’m not used to working with a 1.2cm seam allowance and my machine only has sewing guides at 0.5cm intervals so I added some washi tape to the throat plate to follow and also act as a reminder for each seam! It worked well and all pattern pieces came together as they should. I can see now how the standard 1.5cm is quite wasteful on fabric.

Right… time to draft that back neck facing, I have the perfect fabric already waiting for some Mimosa action.


11 responses to “Mimosa Musings

  1. Your top looks lovely! I haven’t heard of this company, but I share your thoughts – the name doesn’t make me want to rush out and buy their patterns! However, after seeing yours I am tempted! 🙂

  2. I am with you on this one with regards the name of the pattern company – not a fan of that either.
    Just realised that this top is made from the same (or very similar to) your Sorbetto top that I first met you at the Tilly / Ray Stitch weekend – that seems ages ago now!
    Super cute little top too.

    • Oh yes, I wore that top so much it faded! I’ve also made an asymmetric top from the same fabric but I donated to charity because the fabric/pattern was a poor match. The fabric is all gone from my stash but still available from the same eBay seller!

  3. I am so with you regarding that company name. In fact I had always thought they only make plus size patterns, because that is what “curvy” seems to have started to mean.
    The top is very nice though. Still doesn’t convince me to try the company – the name does put me off…

  4. Hi! Lovely top. I have one too. I have made a few SBCC patterns now and I really them, despite the strange name, but I think that it’s effective marketing in some ways! I pattern tested their cabernet cardigan which was great fun to sew. 🙂

  5. It’s a name not to forget for the right or wrong reasons.
    I’ve made the Tonic T, the manhattan pants and the lemoncello cardigan and enjoyed making and wearing all 3. I’ve just bought the new cardigan pattern too with free postage to the UK – so I’m not bothered what they’re called if they offer free postage!

  6. Love that print. I thought this company made patterns for petites. Are you petite?

    • Well I’m 5 foot 1 and a half inches. In some realms that is petite in others (RTW) I’m borderline. I regularly have to raise bust darts, shorten at the waist or hem sewing patterns so yes, I guess I am petite.

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