Knitting with the stabilisers off

A few days ago I noticed an erroneous lean in my knitting. I thought it was small and would be easily forgotten if I just carried on knitting.

But it wasn’t going away… if anything it was becoming more noticeable. By this point there was no way I was knitting backwards for rows and rows. No time like the present to learn a new technique.

Cable error

I dropped a few stiches, pulled out enough rows to get the error erased and followed carefully the instructions of Yarn Harlot to repair back to needle level.

Live stitches

Then I realised my leaning cable meant I had to drop more stitches, risk more live stitches and greater uncertainty of a lazy fix being possible (I mean it was always possible just uncertain whether I had the skills to make it possible).

More live stitches

It came good in the end though. I must have gotten too enthralled with fixing to take more mid-progress photos.

The end result isn’t too shabby.  The yarn looks a little worse for wear in this area but after blocking I’m hopeful it’ll be barely noticable to the untrained eye.

all fixed

Attempted any reckless knitting fixes recently?


8 responses to “Knitting with the stabilisers off

  1. Yes I recently ripped out the middle panel of the Chuck sweater on the centre diamond cable back about 20 rows. I was attempting to put a cable twist between the diamond stitch pattern but I didn’t like the look so I ripped back. It took ages to fix but the result is barely noticeable. A few of the purl stitches look a bit odd – some look like a knit instead of a purl but I am hoping it will block out. Far better than ripping back the whole jumper!

  2. I never have the nerves for this kind of repair. I just rip back the whole piece to below the mistake and start again, telling myself that the fun of knitting is in the process rather than in the result…

  3. Scary! Excellent job with your fix, though. You’ll only see it after blocking if you go searching for it – and only because we’re own worst critics 😉

  4. WOW! This is impressive, my anxiety actually started going up looking at the middle picture with all the loose yarn! ….I usually I just call it a “handmade feature” and keep plowing ahead when I make mistakes :-/

  5. Oh, I’ve done this sort of thing! It’s an adrenaline rush, isn’t it? I always end up feeling very smug for pulling it off and vaguely ridiculous for getting an adrenaline rush from knitting.

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