Elephant Mimosa

I’m a sucker for an elephant print fabric… or an elephant pattern for that matter. So when I saw this fabric on an idle online fabric browsing session I couldn’t resist. I knew straight away I wanted to sew a Mimosa blouse with it but had a couple of hurdles of testing the pattern on a less precious fabric first and a washing machine breakdown delaying the pre-wash to get over.

SBCC Mimosa b

Anyway it gave me some time to make some tweaks to the SBCC Mimosa pattern since my first make of it and then to get distracted by sewing a swimming costume! And then Amy blogged her lovely Sassy Librarian Blouse (team elephant – the clue is in the tusk shape) in the same fabric and that re-focused me back to this project.

SBCC Mimosa Front

On to the changes… there were many. I took a little excess fabric out of the back pattern piece, went down a size at the waist and hips at the side seams of the front and back. I could easily take more out of the back pattern piece or maybe add some back darts to give it a bit more shape – maybe next time.

SBCC Mimosa Back

That mystery back neckline facing… you know, the one that’s in the sample photo but not in the actual pattern?! I drafted one. I just couldn’t deal with the front neckline having a facing and the back neckline being bias bound.

SBCC Mimosa a

I shook up the order of construction too. The original instructions have you insert half the sleeve, finish the back neckline with bias binding then complete the sleeve insertion. This leaves an ugly raw edge at the neckline. Using French seams for the sides and sleeves, I attached the neck facing last so that everything is neat and tidy on the inside.

SBCC Mimosa d


5 responses to “Elephant Mimosa

  1. Oooh I like it!! How have I not seen that pattern before. But I’m totally with you about the back facing. I would have drafted one too. Team Elephant!

  2. Excellent idea to do a back facing – seems so strange that it is finished with half / half?!
    Love the elephant print too!

  3. It’s lovely. 🐘

  4. Could you explain how you drafted the back facing? From your photo, it looks like you drafted a 3 part facing. I am sewing up the blouse and have just got to the point where I have to attach the bias band, and I agree that I would rather have a facing!

    • If you line up the front facing with the front pattern piece you’ll see that the facing is a few inches wide and follows the shape of the neckline exactly. So I just used the sleeve and back pattern pieces as a guide to make those facings.

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