Neon Nautical Pneuma

I’m so excited to share my latest handmade sportswear today, it’s had three exercise road tests. I insist on road testing sportswear before blogging so I can give you honest descriptions of functionality, sportsbra support, sweat wicking and other details that perhaps I should keep to myself.

I pack in up to 5 hours of exercise a week so that’s plenty of time to check out what my fellow gym goers are wearing. Lately there has been a resurgence of the neon trend but toned down with neutrals. And so, the nautical neon combo For Papercut’s Pneuma pattern was dreamt up mid-press up! Papercut Pneuma Neon Nautical a

It’s always easy to get stuck into a pattern you’ve sewn before but I did make some extra changes this time:

To the sports bra, I removed a smidgen from the front arm curve. In my featherweight pneuma this doesn’t bother me but in my Halogen sportsbra it rubs a little if I’m doing lots of arm movements.

To the tank, I made a full hip adjustment to prevent the back part of the tank riding up. I guess this is to do with my pear shape, most of which I carry in my behind.

Papercut Pneuma Neon Nautical b 

And the very obvious change… the straps. I attached a single strap at each shoulder with a cross at the back to prevent slipping and because I really like funky back straps in sportswear. The four straps of my previous makes get tangled when I put them on, the plush bra elastic gets sweaty and double straps at each shoulder means shoulder muscle (can’t for the life of me remember the name for this muscle from anatomy class – hubby thinks ‘traps’) pain if I wear it for too long.

Remedying all my gripes about my previous makes in one go… these straps are made using regular elastic covered with the same lycra I made the sportsbra from. Sweaty factor reduced to the same as the rest of the sportsbra – I prefer an even feel to sweat rather than troublesome areas. The wideness of the elastic means there is no flipping over or tangling. And, now that I’m happy with the compression the sportsbra gives, I had more confidence to not make the straps as tight so shoulder muscle ache is reduced to that just caused by the workout rather than additional resistance of working against the straps.

Papercut Pneuma Neon Nautical c Inside? Well, this lycra had plenty of recovery and resistance so doubling the layers like I did on my previous Pneuma sports bra was not necessary. Instead I used some power mesh swimwear lining from my stash just because it feels nice.

The fact the functionally of this make scored highly and the colours worked as well as they did in my vision was enough for me. To receive three compliments on it’s first gym session knocked me over the edge!

17 responses to “Neon Nautical Pneuma

  1. If I was inclined to exercise you’d have sold me on the pattern with this version – it looks fab! I think I’d get chucked off the golf course if I wore it there for my hobby, lol 😀

  2. OOOOOooo – love this. The combination of neon & stripes is genius. x

  3. Hubby was close it’s called the Trapezius muscle. I LOVE the top…. I might actually workout more if I had something that cool to wear 😉

  4. LOVE this top! The fabrics you chose are perfect- great gym look!

  5. It looks brilliant. Very professional. This wouldn’t look out of place at the nearest Lululemon store!
    You are so on-trend right now with neon highlights x

  6. Hello Emma Jayne! This is a great top and I am always impressed with the details you put in your sewing! I am wondering if you could make a sporty jumpsuit!?!? Haha! 😉

  7. That is a fantastic gym top! As well as being very stylish, it just looks so comfortable! I love the fact that it drapes at the back. 🙂

  8. I am in love with the Pneuma Tank and have made 2 so far. There will definitely be more in my future and I will have to try your single thick strap idea. I feel your pain of the double straps always tangling so this is a great remedy! Thanks for the idea (and I hope you don’t mind me copying!). 😉

  9. Love this. It looks so great. I wish I could get away with such a top for the gym but unfortunately I need military scaffolding to keep every thing in place whilst on the treadmill😟

  10. This is just so fantastic – the fabric combo is spot on.

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