La Slyphide = Total Flop

I’m going to say straight away that I do not like this dress. If the poly crepe fabric, the granny length sleeves and the swooshy skirt weren’t bad enough, I then chose to wear bright blue shoes with black tights on a warm spring day. Bad, bad decision.

La Slyphide l

Sure my poor styling is to blame and choosing a silhouette that I knew didn’t suit me was just foolish. Fit and flare = frump on me. I know this, yet I failed to remember when I added Papercut’s La Sylphide to my Christmas present wish list.

La Slyphide o

The fit is great (XXS at the shoulder and bust grading out to XS at the waist with a considerably lengthened skirt) and the pattern sewed up a treat. The only further fit alterations I’d make would be to raise the waist and pinch out some necktie gape at the back.

La Slyphide p

Before this goes to the charity shop, I’m going to try hacking off the skirt to peplum length. Otherwise, I think the only way this pattern will ever work for me would be to go sleeveless and narrow the skirt to A-line. Note to self: No more fit and flare and ditch the black tights in spring!

La Slyphide n


13 responses to “La Slyphide = Total Flop

  1. I have to agree photo two does look frumpy, but the shape and fit in the other two photos is great , I think with neutral tights it would look totally different, have you tried it, love the shoes.

  2. I agree too with Ann – the first pic and last don’t make you look frumpy but the second does. The fit and the finish are lovely and maybe you could salvage it into something you’ll feel happy in.

  3. Oh no, what a shame to not love it after all the beautiful work you’ve done. It happens to all of us sewers at some point, and in my case pretty often! I have visions of how it will look in my mind and usually this doesn’t come close in reality! On the other hand, I think the back is lovely and the shape is very nice on you…perhaps because there is less going on and no bow? The fabric is so lovely as well so perhaps you could leave it a few weeks and mull over how you could change the front neckline to make it more to your liking. Don’t throw it out in haste 😊

  4. I must disagree, I think it’s a lovely dress and it looks great on you too (although I might be biased as I almost always wear fit and flare dresses) 🙂 You might be right about raising the waistline though. I think it fits nicely at the back, but could be a little more fitted at the front.

  5. I disagree 🙂 I think fit and flare does suit you ! I think it works on a figure that has a discernable difference in waist/hip. The photo of the back shows how flattering it is. My suggestions are to shorten the sleeves (the longer length is causing the optical illusion of filling in your waist ) ,also the bow isn’t doing anything for the front, and lastly a thin belt would accentuate your small waist and break up the overall pattern of the fabric . Don’t give up on it yet!

  6. I think it’s lovely and not frumpy at all. The fabric is pretty too. Maybe removing the sleeves? I definitely think it’s worth trying to save. And it’s so hard to know what to wear on your legs at this time if year, particularly if you haven’t “got them summer ready” (or is that just me?).

  7. I agree with most others. It’s cute except for the neckline and sleeve length. Alter it because it looks good on you from the back. Maybe a shorter length also. Don’t give up on it just yet.

  8. Shorter length in hemline and sleeves would get my vote too, it’s not too far off…

  9. Shelley Gibb

    I think you look great.

  10. I don’t think it looks bad, maybe better with black sheers instead?

  11. Love this dress on you! I think it’s cute…
    (I don’t care for the black tights with it, but that’s easily avoided.)

  12. I have to agree with the others, I think the dress looks great on you. However, I know just the feeling. I discard at least half of what I make. Sometimes they can be used as gifts, otherwise charity or just filling my closet:)

  13. I agree with the other commenters – I think it looks fine on you. However, I also think it would be better suited for cooler weather, layered with a bulky sweater and a floppy hat – really up the Granny Factor so it’s obvious that it’s a “look.”

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