Mustard Tancook and Learning New Techniques

Cables. Ticked off my list of many techniques I want to learn in knitting.

Tancook BFL Debbis Bliss Shawl

The Tancook pattern from Berroco #351 River booklet (I just bought the individual pattern through Ravelry) has just enough cabling (both left and right leaning) to keep a beginner on their toes while they suss out this cabling lark.

Tancook BFL Debbie Bliss

Also, this was my first project using my Knitpro Nova Cubics. I’m really pleased with them so thanks to everyone that offered their advice when I called for help. There was much praise for Knitpros in the comments of that post.

I ripped back to the beginning plenty of times before reaching the row 20 epiphany when the cable concept clicked into place in my brain. From there I was slow but accurate, following the chart stitch by stitch.

By the time I’d finished the more complicated cable crossings of the lower third, I no longer needed the pattern (which switches from chart to written instructions at this stage). This overconfidence led to an error that I couldn’t ignore and ripping back live stitches to fix it. It was worth it though and another new technique (although not previously on the list) was accomplished.

More live stitches

I didn’t knit to the instructed 24 inches (measured down the centre) because it was already looking big enough. Plus even the model looks like she’s drowning in too much fabric in the pattern shots. I got to about 19 inches and called it the end! After blocking, I’m happy with the finished size. Plus, I have leftover yummy mustard yarn for learning another technique: Fair Isle

Tancook BFL

Can we talk yarn for a moment? It’s nice yarn. Not that I have much experience in yarns, I mostly pick on colour, gauge and if anyone else on Ravelry has used it for the pattern I want to make (fool proof but not knowledgeable). All I can tell you is it’s Debbie Bliss Blue Faced Leicester Aran made from British wool and is machine washable – both things make me happy. I need to watch the free Craftsy class ‘Know your wool‘ again. I remember it was fascinating but failed to absorb that important yarn knowledge!

The colour is mustard (46006) and was on sale at C&H for just £2.95 (it’s normally £5.99 or around £4 to £5 if you shop around online). I was wearing my navy stripe Renfrew top when I browsed the yarn selection in the shop and it seemed a beautiful pairing.

Tancook in Debbie Bliss BFL

Are you ever influenced by what you are wearing at the time of purchasing yarn or fabric?


2 responses to “Mustard Tancook and Learning New Techniques

  1. This is brilliant!! I am so impressed with your new skill of cabling! Are you going to me sewing anything to co ordinate?? X

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