The most basic of basics: White Renfrew T-Shirt

There’s been a wave of t-shirt sewing among the blogging community lately. It’s great that we’re embracing sewing the basic items we wear frequently and shunning RTW.

Sewaholic Renfrew White T-shirt

I had a tip off that the white t-shirt jersey from Brunswick Mills (ebay seller: brunswickmill2013) was good quality: excellent recovery, washes well and has high opacity. I can fully recommend this fabric on all factors but it scores top markes for non-see-through-ability.

Sewaholic Renfrew White Tee

I used this t-shirt as an opportunity to test a few more tweaks to the Sewaholic Renfrew pattern based on the fit of my previous versions (Cowl and Long sleeve tee). With a bit more grading between waist and hip, mostly on the back pattern piece, I hoped to avoid a sway back adjustment… sadly not to be. Here I’m displaying the pooling in all it’s glory and with the t-shirt pulled down.

Sway Back Adjustment Predicament

The problem with a sway back adjustment on a garment with no centre back seam is that making it with a horizontal stripe fabric becomes impossible. The adjustment causes the hem line to rise up, the grainline gets skewed and the stripes end up all wonky. So my choice is to either add a centre back seam (really on a knit?!) or to be limited to non-stripe/non-obvious horizontal patterned fabrics. What a predicament to be put in.

Renfrew White T-shirt

Fabric necklace is still going strong after two years, I wonder whether the white t-shirt will avoid food stains for that long. What did you sew this weekend?


10 responses to “The most basic of basics: White Renfrew T-Shirt

  1. Shame about the back pooling, but looks great from the front’ and I bet a non-sewer would never even notice. Does look a lovely fabric too 🙂

  2. I think it looks great & I’d never have noticed anything wrong with the back if you hadn’t said. I think we’re way pickier with me-mades than RTW aren’t we?! Thats a good tip on non see through white jersey too – a pretty essential quality! I love sewing basics too, this weekend has been shorts for my wee boy & cutting out some Purl Bee city gym shorts for myself.

  3. Your tee shirt looks great – it’s often hard to find good quality jersey in white so I might check out your ebay suggestion. Today I made a pair of cherry print cropped trousers – just finished hemming them! Now I’m contemplating a jumpsuit. 🙂

  4. I’m on the basics bandwagon too. It’s satisfying to have lots of wearable pieces waiting in the closet.

  5. Been looking for a good white knit without see through ability so I’ll have to check this shop out. I’ve been on a knit sewing binge lately. Made a knit pencil skirt over the weekend.

  6. It looks great and probably fits you better than most RTW tops too! I love your necklace – I clicked on your link and will definitely be making one in some Liberty off cuts that I can’t bear to part with!

  7. That is great. You have inspired me to sew some more basics. Love your fabric necklace too, mine is also still going strong. As for stains – Oxy Clean!!!

  8. It looks gorgeous on you 🙂

  9. So what did you end up doing for the sway back? I’m having the same issue now with another pattern.

    • Nothing yet. I would make a say back adjustment but only on plain fabrics, not stripe fabrics. I can’t make a centre back seam because it would look silly on any jersey t-shirt. So I’m a bit stuck with my sway back and will just have to live with the excess fabric pooling.

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