Bold and Neon Southport Maxi Dress

This fabric has a much bolder print than I would normally wear. I had circled ‘the man outside Sainsbury’s’ stall on Walthamstow market a few times selecting a red jersey and a grey marl jersey (both plain, staple fabrics that easily fit into a wardrobe). It was a particularly hot day and this fabric kept catching my eye. I asked him to add a few meters to my bag figuring that the worst case would be using it for a drapey toile/muslin.

Southport Maxi Dress a (480x640)

The neon bias binding I tracked down on ebay. Despite selecting the colour via a computer screen, it turned out to be a pretty good match for the random neon green/yellow splotches on the fabric.

Southport Maxi Dress e (640x450)

After making my first Southport dress, a maxi version leap frogged my sewing queue to meet an end of summer deadline. I removed some excess fabric from the skirt and bodice at the back and raised the neckline by half an inch. Other than that, the details for the pattern were the same as my previous make.

Southport Maxi Dress b (457x640)

I had a long hard think about pattern placement. A large flower on my back, I am fine with but I really didn’t want one on the front bodice. Yet, on the front I had to do some pattern matching at the button placket or it would have looked too haphazard.

Southport Maxi Dress d (480x640)

I’m still not sure it’s quite the right print for me but I’m willing to give it a few test wears before making a final decision whether to add it to the charity shop bag or not. As for the other purchases: the grey marl jersey is cut out and the red jersey it is awaiting blog photos.

Southport Maxi Dress c (480x640)


7 responses to “Bold and Neon Southport Maxi Dress

  1. Love the dress and great fabric!!

  2. It looks fab so please don’t put it in the charity bag! Much though it’s good to know your own style, it’s fun to try out something new too and this definitely works. Great fabric matching and amazing you got such a perfect match with the bias binding. Looks really fun and modern together.

  3. stitchedupsam

    I agree with Navybluethreads, this looks fantastic on you, don’t put it in the charity bag.

  4. No! Save it from the charity bag! The style really suits you and I love that fabric!

  5. I love this so much, and it looks fantastic on you!

  6. I think it’s gorgeous! Please don’t put it in the charity shop bag!

  7. I would totally wear it. put it in my bag.

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