Warm, Cosy and Reversible Neckwarmer

Many things in sewing (and knitting too) are far cheaper to buy in the shops than make yourself. This is not one of them.

Reversible Cowl b

Spotted in a fancy country life type of shop, the type that sells quilted jackets and expensive wellies, was a neck warmer. Tweed on the outside, fleece on the inside. I did a bit more investigation of these items, undoing the buttons and fully expecting a shape I’d have to make multiple iterations of to re-create at home, I was pleasantly surprised that it was a simple rectangle.

Reversible Cowl d

My pleasant surprise turned to mild elation when I looked at the £75 price tag. £75 seriously? I tried to keep my face expressionless when the tweed suit-clad assistant/shop owner sidled over to me explaining that there were 5 colours but they had been so popular there were only 3 available now. “Very nice” I muttered approvingly then nonchalantly executed my exit of the shop.

Reversible Cowl c

I have to hand it to them, the shop owner certainly knows her/his target market with that price tag. Now, I don’t want to rip off small businesses (it is an independent shop after all) and I’m all for handmade items including a fair wage for the time taken to make the item…but I am not the £75 for a neckwarmer target market.

I seized remnants of coating, cotton lawn, 4 buttons from my stash so my only cost outlay were 3 press studs to make my own version. Also because I used press studs instead of button holes, mine is reversible!

Reversible Cowl a


7 responses to “Warm, Cosy and Reversible Neckwarmer

  1. Fab! Don’t you love moments such as these? I haven’t seen any versions of this in shops near us, but yours is really lovely and very cosy looking too. Great job!

  2. Love it! How big did you make it, if you don’t mind me asking? They’d make great pressies 😃

  3. Well done! This is a classic case of “make it at home for nothing”, isn’t it? 75 pounds?! tss… As well we can sew!

  4. Excellent. So lovely when you can make your own version!

  5. Very lovely! It can be so versatile! You should do a photo post with a “how to”! I want one!

  6. Brilliant make and you can feel smug in the knowledge that you saved all that money! 🙂

  7. This is beautiful! Love the fabric you used, definitely a better choice to make instead of buy!

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