Pattern Mash Up

Just over a year ago, I hacked the April Rhodes’ Staple dress with the Maria Denmark’s Audrey dress and I kinda liked the outcome. Except that it didn’t last too long before the seams became holey and I had to abandon it. I think this was partly due to the overlocker needles that were onto their second project and partly due to the fabric. It was inevitable that I’d remake this pattern combo… but better.

Pattern Mash Up Dress (7) (456x640)

I upgraded to a heavier weight fabric for warmth and to get rid of some of the wrinkles but it was a compromise on the drape of the dip hem skirt. This luscious teal ponte was from Ditto Fabrics (24 weeks ago according to my Instagram account!). It’s really soft and, as always with Ditto’s fabrics, it’s great quality, not the disappointing poly-shiny ponte. I actually wore this dress on Christmas day (I’m behind on blogging) and a few times since. It’s holding up well to washing, wearing and keeping me warm.

Pattern Mash Up Dress (14) (480x640)

For the pattern mash up, I went from a duo to a trio of StapleAudreyRenfrew. There’s a “two’s a crowd, three’s a party joke” in there somewhere but the addition of the cowl collar certainly works well with this fabric for a winter dress.

Pattern Mash Up Dress (4) (458x640)

So that’s me back on the blogging horse. More 2015 makes coming soon… maybe!

5 responses to “Pattern Mash Up

  1. The ponte is a beautiful colour. Dresses in this fabric are so very useful aren’t they?

  2. That is a beautiful colour! Very nice.

  3. A great make! Such a lovely colour on you and the drape of the fabric is perfect. Glad to have you back in the blogging world.

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