A sports top to match your trainers

Teal Trainers Inspiration

Inspired by my trainers, I mentally designed a sports top during grueling switch lunges. By ‘designed’ I mean I paired the fabrics I knew I had in my stash in my head. I was focusing really hard on my feet in the mirror during the exercise, willing them to keep moving even when my legs were screaming “give up”. No wonder then, when the instructor said “punch up” at the end of the track, I gave the most enthusiastic air punch!

Teal Pneuma

This is my fourth time at the Papercut Patterns Pneuma (1, 2 and 3) using fabrics previously seen in a bikini (don’t look too closely, it’s the worst swimwear I’ve sewn, I am not proud of it) and a beach t-shirt. I feel like a Pneuma veteran these days and every time I sear I’ll try a new sports top pattern next time.

Teal Pneuma side

It’s clear I have a thing for the colour family of seafoam and teal at the moment.

Teal Pneuma Back

My latest Pneuma works as well for switch lunges as it does for contemporary dance. Punch up for that!


4 responses to “A sports top to match your trainers

  1. Lovely, fresh colours and fab that it matches your trainers too πŸ™‚

  2. Cool! You’ll save a fortune making your own gear πŸ˜ƒ

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