Sloan District Leggings

There seemed to be a wave of UK sewing bloggers and Instagramers visiting New York back in the Spring, me included. The Garment District required some dedicated tourist time.

Top of my list was lycra for sportswear. It’s notoriously difficult to source good quality lycra (without an extortionate price tag) in the UK so I loaded up with two colourways of space dyed, some plains and a loud print. Of course the crazy print was the first one I wanted to sew with! I can’t remember if this was from Spandex World or Spandex House but definitely one of them.

sloan leggings NY 1

I was hoping the print wasn’t directional so that I could maximise fabric usage with creating pattern piece placement. After much staring, I confirmed it was directional. It’s hard to see the bubbles over the print in these photographs but there are bubbles and they’re shaded.

sloan leggings NY  3

The pattern is Sloan Leggings which I’d previously made both views of as toiles. Nevertheless, I had to take these in again right around the inseam because this lycra had more stretch than the cheap stuff I used for the toile.

sloan leggings NY  4

They have been dance class, gym and yoga tested with great success. A second pair is already in progress with more NY fabric.

What is is about sewing sportswear that brings out all the ridiculous poses I can muster!?

sloan leggings NY  2


8 responses to “Sloan District Leggings

  1. Such funky leggings, they fit you perfectly and the fabric is fab, NY fabric shopping is a dream.

  2. They are absolutely brilliant! It is great to see this pattern sewn up as I have it on my “to sew” pile. ☺

  3. Loving the ridiculous poses and that bright print would certainly cheer me up in any dance / yoga / gym class. The leggings look fab. Looking forward to seeing your next version – which fabric will you use next?

  4. Go right ahead with the ridiculous poses – it has to be properly tested, after all 🙂 I’ve also been wishing we could find more spandex in the UK – there are so many patterns I’d love to make with it. Let’s hope a fabric stockist catches up with this gap in the market soon.

  5. Great poses and great fabric! I’m too scared of lycra to even try to sew with it 😀

  6. They look fab. That fabric is amazing!

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