Chambray Summer Skirt

I am truly guilty of hoarding my best fabrics through fear of making something I regret. To get over this affliction, I’ve further reduced my fabric shopping, started to spend more time planning my projects and alternating low risk makes with slightly more adventurous things.

Burda 04 2014 113 front

I’ve made this pattern before and I really enjoy wearing it from autumn through to early spring (whenever it is still acceptable to wear tights and boots!). A summer version in a lighter weight denim was on the cards and low risk.

Burda 04 2014 113 front b

Burda 04/2014 #113 takes very little fabric so I cut out a dress (I’m saving that one for another blog post) and this skirt at the same time. I was more than happy to eliminate the in-seam welt pockets – fun if a little tricky to sew, they look great on the skirt when standing but splay out when sitting.

Burda 04 2014 113 side c

The only other hurdle to overcome was that my first version of the skirt was made in a stretch denim and the chambray had zero give. I’d traced the Burda pattern pieces with a 1.5cm seam allowance and with a straight paneled skirt it’s easy to adjust the fit. Nevertheless, I basted first to make fitting, or more accurately unpicking, easier.

Burda 04 2014 113 back

I did my first exposed zip and it turned out OK. Top stitching is something I also wanted to play with on this chambray – both this skirt and the dress I’m making in the same fabric. Silver grey seemed subtle enough and I was careful not to overdo it.

Burda 04 2014 113 side d


8 responses to “Chambray Summer Skirt

  1. A great little skirt. Such neat top-stitching there too!

  2. That zip’s so neat; it’s a great detail. It’s going to be such a useful skirt to have in your wardrobe.

  3. This is lovely, and the zip is fab!

  4. Very lovely – and perfect topstitching too!

  5. Lovely skirt, looks great on and your zipper looks fab

  6. Great job! I also have a fear of screwing up on ‘good’ fabric. I end up making stuff with uber cheap fabrics that don’t necessarily live up to expectations.
    I love your skirt! Burda is a great pattern company, though i rarely get to sewing anything from them as indie patterns get in the way.

  7. Great skirt. Perfect for the role.

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