Misty Trees Dress

It was summer 2015 in Walthamstow market when I felt that the roll end of this misty trees printed scuba needed to come home with me. I’ve been pondering a suitable pattern ever since. The longer I pondered, the more I failed to see why I’d been attracted to the fabric in the first place. Scuba… so not me.


I was happy to sacrifice it to test out GBSB The Drapey Knit dress that I’d pinned to my ‘See it Sew It‘ Pinterest board. It’s a free pattern download with some quirky details. The pattern has front pockets created by the side front pattern pieces, these also overlap at the neckline to create a simple origami effect. Sew Different has some construction instructions that really helped me, particularly in ensuring the the trees were growing in the right direction.


I cut the smallest size but took in the side seams from bust to hip a lot… I just kept narrowing until I was happier that the volume worked for my proportions. The hem and sleeves were finished with a twin needle stitch and I hand tacked the neckline facing at the internal seams to prevent it from flipping out.


I used the blog photos to test out the possibility of wearing it to a wedding and decided it was worth a try. Guess who got the first dance?


8 responses to “Misty Trees Dress

  1. I’ve never brought scuba before and would have no idea what to do with it, your dress looks fab! I think the front pleats in to pockets are really clever, the shape reminds me of the popular Inari.

  2. I always think of this pattern as a casual dress, but yours looks great with the hat as well as dressed down.

  3. I love these colours on you!

  4. This looks lovely!! I think I’ve only seen this sewn up in stripes before, which I love, but I think the details show up more in your version. I love those pockets!

  5. this dress looks great on you. the dress on the website where the download is looks awful. how did you know it would look so good on you when it looks so bad on the model? you are brave for believing you could make it work on you. impressive!! 🙂

    • I’d seen a few other bloggers make it look better than the original pattern picture so I was a bit more confident… plus I had gone off the fabric so didn’t mind if it was a fail.

  6. I think that fabric is super pretty and it pairs well with the unique design of that dress. Kudos!

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