I had been taking trousers up, repairing hems and making minor alterations for years. Through renovating our house I’d also mastered cushion covers, curtains and Roman blinds (seam free, no unsightly seam lines here!). In January 2013 I ventured into making clothes and launched Clipped Curves a few months later. I hoped to be able to track my progress and, so far, I have. More than that I feel involved in the online community of home sewers.

Have a burning question or something secret to share with me? Get in touch clippedcurves[at]gmail[dot]com

Want to share an image from Clipped Curves on your own blog? Sure. Please acknowledge me and provide a link to my blog/original post for your readers to find out more.

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  1. Dear Emma, I hope you are well. I have nominated you for a Blog Hop and hope you will take part. You will meet new bloggers and others will find their way to you. Here is an example of how it looks and works http://anenthusiast.wordpress.com. You will see my post and your nomination on my blog http://mnel2.wordpress.com on Monday 8th September. Take care. Michele

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