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Stash Delve: Strapless Sunbathing Top

If there’s one thing that came out of the half-way weigh-in for Stash Diet 2014, it’s that my scraps box needs more attention. You can’t get much more attention that two stash delve posts on the trot!

Strapless Sunbathing Top

Attempting the sultry… but looking miserable!

Using the remaining blue jersey from my sporty top I cut out two rectangles with some waist shaping. I made a hem band out of self-fabric and a bust band out of leftover waistband (already cut and folded) from my graffiti maxi. A quick blast on the overlocker and I’d created a strapless sunbathing top.

Useful for holidays and stash busting but really I’m just putting off starting that bikini. The thought of wrestling with elastic is zapped any motivation I had. What are you putting off… and why?


Stash Delve: Travel Pillow

I’ve made a nice dent in the scrap fabric box with this make.

IMG_0953 (640x480)

On my first flick through the June Burda I hastily passed over the travel pillow but on a more leisurely page turning session I had second thoughts. I don’t own a travel pillow because I hate the noise of the polystyrene balls moving so close to my ear. If I made my own, I could stuff it with regular pillow filling…

IMG_0951 (640x480)

…and I could make a pillow case for it so that I could wash out the funky aeroplane smell afterwards. Brilliant.

IMG_0950 (640x480)

And everything used was from the stash so no purchases required.

IMG_0952 (640x480)

It does zip up by the way… I was merely demonstrating the pillow case capabilities and forgot to take a photo of the back of it zipped up!!!


Stash Delve: Bias binding

Bias binding strips

At peak head traffic times I know it’s best not to pick up an important sewing project. Instead I’ve made bias binding from left over scraps of lawn (pattern hacked blouse) and cotton (vintage blouse) and stored them how I store my ribbons. Not so much of a stash busting activity, more just moving it from my scraps box to my trims tin via the cutting board. Here’s the lawn in action as a bias bound hem:

Bias bound hem

Let’s talk about cutting bias binding for a moment… there’s a continuous method which people rave about… umm not me. Why would I use scissors when there’s an excuse to get my cutting board and rotary cutter out?

Stash Delve: Needle book

Swamped by scrap fabric (also part of my Stash Diet 2014) and embarrassed that my last stash delve was so long ago, I stopped sitting on my hands and got on with it. Just a little make to ease me back into the routine – you see if I’m honest I don’t enjoy these little makes anywhere near as much as getting stuck into a real toile-fitting-altering-maybe another toile-fashion fabric-celebrate a new outfit type of a project.


Anyway time for a new needle book with careful consideration about the issues my old needle book had:

1. Not enough ‘pages’
2. Foolish interfacing of the pages
3. Poorly clipped and turned out corners
4. Weak attachment of the loop (it bust on the first use)


And some thought on what I liked about my old needle book:

1. The button – which was re-used for this make.


Stash Delve: Vent lining practise

I wanted to learn how to sew a lining to a vent but when I realised it involved a bit of drafting as well, I had to have a practise go first. And a practise go means a quick delve into my stash pulling out something pink and floral (yack, ick and urgh) and a piece of lining too small for even a mini skirt! I guess what I’m saying is “don’t judge me on my choice of fabrics, it’s only a practise.”

Vent, what vent?

Vent, what vent?

Oh and I wasn’t trying to pattern match – just so we’re clear on that point too!

Lined Vent2

Can you see how my sample lining and shell are the same length? This is wrong. The lining needs to be hemmed before attaching the vent parts, then the shell is hemmed independently after the vent is completed.

Lined Vent3

The reason I made this error is because I couldn’t find a fully comprehensive tutorial or video that covered everything in one place. I had to cobble together learning resources from the following:

Best for drafting the lining pattern pieces
Best for considering lining length (but see next link for construction)
Best for attaching lining to shell (remembering the above consideration)
Best for hemming shell (but you’ll have to imagine the lining)

Lined Vent4

Stash Delve: Pressing Roll

Pressing roll1

There’s something about generosity sewing that spurs me on with my own projects… so while I had the bag of sawdust out and was making a mess for Kathryn’s tailor’s ham I thought I’d make myself a pressing roll at the same time.

Pressing roll 2

I wasn’t going to bother blogging it but it appears that after a few months of use, the sawdust has compacted further (or the fabric has stretched?). My pressing roll is now a little wrinkly and bends in the middle. This hasn’t happened to my tailor’s ham though which I made back in April and gets much more use. Kathryn if you’ve got the same problem I’m really sorry!

Stash Delve: Snood, Buff or Neck Warmer?

The ‘smaller scraps’ part of my stash seems to ebb and flow with a high frequency. One day the box will be neat and tidy, then I’ll cut out a toile or two and the lid won’t go on properly. I focused this stash delve on the main fabrics causing the lid problem – jersey.


I used this tutorial at Sewn Studio. My largest piece of scrap jersey (left over from my ticker tape maxi dress) was a little small so I have a snug-fitting snood but it doesn’t strangle.