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A skirt of triangles, marmite and personal space

Remember the teaser I wrote in my Stash Delve: Cushions post about having found another fun fabric at Ikea? Well here it is….

Simplicity 2451 Triangle Skirt 1

Ok, ok so I am fully aware that this fabric is like Marmite – you either love it or you hate it. The first person I showed the fabric to said “that’s horrible”  (thanks Mum!), the second diplomatically said they’d have to see it sewn up as a skirt before deciding (which meant don’t ask again and they won’t lie!). I made the skirt anyway, using Simplicity 2451. This version really is a polar opposite to my navy corduroy first make!

Simplicity 2451 Triangle Skirt 2

On my first outing in this skirt I had two big compliments, with one of the ladies even plunging her hand into a pocket to feel the habutai lining and running her finger over the pleats. Normally I’m a bit guarded about personal space but I enjoyed someone admiring and taking in all the features of this skirt that I have a fondness for too (and she’s a good friend so I’ll let her off for the personal space thing!). But the second time I wore it, a complete stranger stroked my hip, told me that my skirt was really fun and asked where I got it. This was at Walthamstow Market so when I told her I made it she demanded to know which shop was selling the fabric. I’m sure I blushed while saying Ikea.

Simplicity 2451 Triangle Skirt 3

And two points on pattern matching:
1. It helps if the fabric is printed evenly- the corners of some triangles don’t meet up while others wonkily overlap.
2. If the pattern repeat is larger than your circumference, pattern matching at the sides and back is impossible.
I settled for aligning the horizontal lines all the way round and centered the diamonds/triangles on the waistband and front panel. I think it works but I also know I had no other option!

So what do you think? Be honest… I’ve seen the looks I get wearing this and they’re 50/50 so I can take it.