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Stash Delve: Snood, Buff or Neck Warmer?

The ‘smaller scraps’ part of my stash seems to ebb and flow with a high frequency. One day the box will be neat and tidy, then I’ll cut out a toile or two and the lid won’t go on properly. I focused this stash delve on the main fabrics causing the lid problem – jersey.


I used this tutorial at Sewn Studio. My largest piece of scrap jersey (left over from my ticker tape maxi dress) was a little small so I have a snug-fitting snood but it doesn’t strangle.


Stash Delve: Obi Belt

Obi Belt Bow

For this installment of Stash Delve I pulled out a bright, narrow strip of silk dupioni (I hope I’ve identified this fabric correctly – it’s that bumpy kind of silk that is a bit stiff and holds shapes such as Obi belt knots well!). It’s a lush deep purple-blue (not quite purple not quite royal blue really difficult to photograph).  The fabric scrap was really narrow so it was perfect for mimi G’s Obi Belt free pattern. I followed her video tutorial which was helpful and she even demonstrates how to tie it.

Obi Belt Bow

I love how it looks with my favourite LBD (which one day I’d like to clone).

Obi Belt

Stash Delve: Keyring Wrist Tabs

Way before I started blogging, I made a fabric wrist tab for my keyring so that I could find my keys in my handbag more easily. In fact, it was these wrist tabs that inspired my Stash Delve series in the first place. Perfect for using up small scraps of fabric and the keyring can be re-used from an old keyfob.

Wrist tabs

To get the neatest finish, I slip the keyring onto the folded (like bias tape) fabric. Unfold the fabric and join the short ends to form a circle. Then refold and sew the tram lines. The short end join can then be hidden when the keyring is sewn in place (see right hand image).

All my stash delves can be found in the Stash Delve Resource Page with quick-find information on fabric quantity and links to online tutorials.

Stash Delve: Lanyards


I wear a lanyard for work so that my security/swipe access card is always at hand. A colleague broke her washing machine trying to wash her grubby lanyard and that inspired me to make lanyards out of stash delved fabric scraps. This way you can co-ordinate your lanyard with your outfit and have a new one when the neck dirt gets too much! I highly recommend a safety clasp on lanyards – no one wants a strangled colleague incident!

Stash Delve: Cushions

This stash delve used up a pair of cushion inners that have been hanging around my sewing cupboard for far too long. I needed the space for my new overlocker… did I mention I got an overlocker for my birthday?!


The cheerful fabric is from Ikea (I found another great fabric while I was there too). This is a heavy weight printed cotton by designer Malin Åkerblom (Check out this fabric as an Elisalex dress). These cushions have brightened the room up nicely.


Just easy, simple envelope cushion covers – ’nuff said.

My birthday giveaway is still open so register your interest by leaving a comment on the giveaway post before midnight on Sunday 21st July.

Stash Delve: Envelope Clutch

In my Stash Delve: Knitting needle case post I mentioned that I really wanted to make a See Kate Sew Envelope Clutch… and you can hold me to my word.


I kept coming across a purple off-cut (actually red and blue woven fibres) in my acquired stash. It has a strip of embroidery running parallel to the selvage so I began to wonder if I could orientate the clutch pattern in a way that would look deliberately funky and not haphazard. It turns out that I could do just that… back and front! The pattern calls for fusible interfacing which stopped any bias cut wonk in its tracks.


I used Velcro on the inside instead of a button (yes, I stash delved 3 inches of Velcro too!). This was my favourite stash delve so far and it is purely because of the way the pattern comes together like an envelope. It  is genius without being impossible to follow… and it’s free (thank-you Kate!).


As the tone of my knicker stash delve revealed, I was dissatisfied with the end product; two of the three elasticated openings were scruffy because I was practicing this technique. The elastic went into my swimsuit leg holes so easily it was almost a shame to fold over and top stitch! So it just felt right for me to revisit the Amerson Undies free pattern and knicker making. That and I couldn’t resist this light weight cotton that combined two of my favourite things – blue and elephants.

Amerson Elepants 2

The thing that finally helped me to understand the logistics of what my hands should be doing while zig zag stitching elastic was Briansew’s clip on YouTube. While I’d mastered elastic sewing, my pattern placement could have done with come closer attention – elephants marching in all directions but the way I intended!

Amerson elepants

I hoped that a silver ribbon bow at the back would distract any attention from my poor pattern placement.

Amerson Elepants 3