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Hats for Everyone

Right back at the beginning of the year, my Mum asked me to knit her a hat with any leftover purple yarn from my Newale cardigan. I don’t remember exactly when knitting one hat turned into knitting everyone a hat but around September I started what has become known as the Christmas Hat Project.


Recently, there has been much talk among knitters (and sewers and other crafters too) about selfless making, even taking it as far as to label someone ‘knit-worthy’. I’ve enjoyed ‘selfless’ knitting and I’ve even found it surprisingly selfish on some levels. Some hats required me to learn new techniques which boosted my knitting skills. One hat was a huge challenge and a steep learning curve for me, I almost didn’t think it’d be good enough to give as a gift. Another hat was a test knit for a now released pattern. I hadn’t been a test knitter before (maybe I won’t be invited to again!) but I enjoyed the opportunity. Most of all, I’ve bought, knit and played with lots of different (mostly British) yarns that I otherwise wouldn’t have got the chance to do and used up some yarns from my stash too.


I am under no illusion. Not all the hats. would be gratefully received… neither would shop-bought gifts. Some hats were requested, some weren’t the recipients having no idea what their Christmas present was until it was opened. Some hats won’t be worn, some will end up in a charity shop. I’m ok with all of those things. I don’t want to knit a hat any time soon but I’m not regretting the Christmas Hat Project.

Here are the hats…


Pattern: The Easy Ombre Slouch
Yarn: Brigantia Luxury DK (8526), Wendy Ramsdale (Malham)
Modifications: Slouch removed.
Notable because: This is the hat that started the whole project


Pattern: Single rib, no pattern required.
Yarn: Erika Knight Maxi Wool (Storm)
Modifications: Bound off fast, the yarn was running out!


Pattern: His or Hers Bobble Hat by Anna Wilkinson
Yarn: The Wool Kitchen Hand-dyed super chunky
Modifications: None
Notable because: It’s the happiest colour and the hardest to photograph


Pattern: The Easy Ombre Slouch
Yarn: Wendy Ramsdale (Malton and Malham)
Modifications: No ombre pattern just 1 in 4 stitches on alternating rows
Notable because: The floats are so pretty it’s worth wearing inside out.


Pattern: Latu by Meiju Knits
Yarn: Wendy Ramsdale (Bedale)
Modifications: None
Notable because: I forgot to take a finished photograph and had to screen shot this from a video I took of all the hats for Instagram.


Pattern: Bankhead by Susie Gourlay
Yarn: West Yorkshire Spinners BFL Printed DK (Owl)
Modifications: None
Notable because: First time knitting WYS yarn and I want more


Pattern: Hurricane
Yarn: West Yorkshire Spinners Aire Valley Aran Fusions (Grey Mix)
Modifications: None
Notable because: Simple but effective hat pattern, I secretly wanted to keep this one for myself


Pattern: No pattern, I just went for it
Yarn: Blacker Yarns Classic DK (Forest Green)
Modifications: Complete free-style
Notable because: I lined it with fleece


Pattern: Hemisphere
Yarn: Blacker Yarns Classic DK (Pale Green), Blacker Yarns Classic Aran (Mid Blue), Malibrigo Sock Yarn (Playa)
Modifications: Some coastal drift but all countries accounted for.
Notable because: Difficulty rating off the scale; double knitting, non-repeating pattern, long-tail tubular cast on. However, holding a solid and variegated yarn together was a minor stroke of genius.


Pattern: Hurricane
Yarn: West Yorkshire Spinners Aire Valley Aran Fusions (Grey Mix), Wendy Ramsdale (Hawes)
Modifications: Knit all stitches after ribbing
Notable because: Super manly


Pattern: Washed Ashore by Lesley Anne Robinson
Yarn: Malabrigo Merino Worsted (Tortuga)
Modifications: None
Notable because: Test knit the pattern