Berry Sorbetto

Berry and Leaf on Navy

When I found this fabric amongst my acquired stash, I thought it might be a Liberty of London print. A quick search of the internet revealed that the print I recognised is called Wiltshire from the Liberty Art Fabrics Collection. I enjoyed reading about the history of Liberty fabrics and learnt that the berry and leaf print was first designed in 1933 and redesigned by Tana in 1968. However, I can’t find this particular colourway anywhere (navy background, reddish-pink berries and blue-lilac leaves)… it’s somewhat of a mystery. I have two theories: rare or a copy.

Berry Sorbetto2

Regardless, I was excited to have it available for my use and thought it’d make a beautiful Sorbetto blouse, a free pattern available from the Coletterie. Using my amended pattern pieces, I carefully cut out the mysterious leaf and berries fabric.

Berry Sorbetto

Following on with the lemon Sorbetto toile, I rehearsed bias binding attachment using the facing method described in a Coletterie Tutorial. It worked a treat and my stitching came out really neatly (just seen in the below image).

Berry Sorbetto1

I’m really proud of the finished blouse. I took my time with cutting, sewing and pressing which paid off. As you can see, I’ve already started accessorising which means it’ll be quickly integrated into my wardrobe.

8 responses to “Berry Sorbetto

  1. I LOVE this fabric! It really does look like a Liberty print, and even though it’s not, you can always pretend 🙂

  2. This looks great. Love the necklace with it. I haven’t made a Sorbetto yet. I think it may be time…

  3. what gorgeous fabric – and necklace! I have just downloaded the sorbetto too!! happy sewing

  4. Nice- definitely going to give that one a go- thanks for alerting me to it.

  5. Beautiful Sorbetto! Absolutely love the fabric, AND the necklace. Nice accessorizing. Great work. Your stitches are so neat. My first Sorbetto was a mess! 🙂

  6. Thank you for all your lovely comments. I wore it this week and I received a couple of compliments.

  7. I love the fabric and the finish looks really good. I hope you get lots of use from it.

    I have the same necklace and get loads of compliments when I wear it. Must dig it out and wear again soon.

  8. Hi. It looks like a copy. It’s not quite the same design as Liberty’s Wiltshire Berry (for example, the berry ends are just dots on the WB pattern, not stars) but you can certainly see the influence.

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