Grey Marl Julia Cardigan

What do you do when you can’t sleep and have to get up at 4am to catch a ferry to go on holiday? Me? I finish my Julia Cardigan, tidy my sewing room and crawl back into bed just before the alarm goes off.

Grey Marl Julia Cardigan a

The blog-famous Julia Cardigan by Mouse House Creations is officially fab. I was willing to risk a fairly boring grey marl jersey purchased from ‘the man outside Sainsbury’s’ in Walthamstow to give it a test run and it has turned out perfectly wearable (even squeezed it into my suitcase for the holiday!).

Grey Marl Julia Cardigan c

I made a straight size S, long sleeve, doubled over version (the shawl-style collar is cut twice to use as a facing, so no edge to hem). During construction, I slimmed down the arms considerably and shortened them by 2 inches.

Grey Marl Julia Cardigan b

Any thoughts on the hip seam? I can’t work out if it’s just caught on my jeans or if I need a bit of a pear-shape grading out around here. Also I’m considering swinging the angle of the seam towards the other direction might have a slimming effect. My other option is to lengthen the body so that the cardigan finishes lower and doesn’t draw a visual reference line across my widest part.

Grey Marl Julia Cardigan d

10 responses to “Grey Marl Julia Cardigan

  1. I love this pattern, so easy to make, but looks so nice. I need to make another, my first one was in cheap fabric and hasn’t stood the test of time – or the washing machine – well. I had to do some pear shaped grading on mine, but that’s a standard alteration for me.

  2. I think this looks great without further alteration. But sometimes it’s as much about how you feel in a garment as how it looks to others! I’m a little tempted to have a go at this one myself now I’ve seen this – I may also need to consider the pear shape alteration!

  3. I was only looking at this pattern earlier today! Looks great on you

  4. I can never sleep before a holiday either! I’m so tempted with this. I love it in this simple grey.

  5. Fab! Doesn’t look a cheap fabric at all. I think I’d actually go shorter if I were to make it, but think it looks just fine at this length on you 🙂

  6. Very nice! I haven’t tried that one yet! Although my daughter bought something similar at the store recently… I don’t see any difference between her’s and your’s, although your’s is probably better made!

    • Maybe not… I found a tiny pucker in the sleeve seam while wearing it yesterday and used it to prove to my colleagues that I had made it! You are right though, it’s a style that is in many shops at the moment.

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